The Little Chick

Sometimes i have these conversations with myself.

One thing i’d love to do is run off along the road without clothes on. I’d love to run off the on the road naked. I’d love to.

*laughs. That’s… c-crazy. Why? Why would you ever want to do that?*

laughs. I dunno. But how about this; let me show you something.

*What’s that?*



I am a young bird. I just chewed my way out of an egg. I am scared of the thorny nest, even though i have known nothing else. I am scared i’ll never fly, i am scared of this world of uncertainties. I shouldn’t have broken out of that my graceful, peaceful and hard white that held me back from the chance of new, uncharted and fresh air, and the uneasy warmth in my mother’s embrace. I think i should’ve stayed back in my shell.

*Yo WTF? laughs. You were just talking about being naked on a road, then you switched tp birds, like WTF. laughs. Guy, youre so fucking weird – i tell you – so fucking weird.*

No. That was not the point. I wanted to be naked, on a road; now i am still clothed. But i just took off a mask. You can see me clearer now. How do i look?


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