Rehabilitation Procedures I

Get me your bitter antidote

Get me your squeaky shoes and your simple clothes

Put me in rehabilitation, I heard you’re a sin

I heard you have my heart sewed into a devilish seam

I don’t think you really understand,

You have to leave my dreams

You have to stop being in that dress,

You have to stop making me scream.

You have too many praises,

Please, you have to stop making me sing.

Vanity, vanity, vanity,

Give me your antidote amongst other things.

Vanity love I heard your antidote is pain

I felt it when I didn’t repair my second car when it fell into the drain

The preacher had said, it’s of the devil to own two of these fancy things

Vanity upon vanity is equal to vanity; so I’ll give this bashed car that I love to Charity.


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