Boys will be boys and men will be men. I never quite agreed with that saying. Like, there is never going to be a just basis to defend the notion. And many a human just chime along like the lyrics to a song each time they want to prove a point, or win an argument or impress. I feel the use of that saying should be checked. It is a malpractice to say boys will be boys and men will be men when we have men like Caitlyn Bruce Jenner (among others) being women. And a thousand, million boys out there, being men.


Boys won’t be boys and men might go on to be women. Don’t be offended if you think this post is male chauvinist, or anti-Trans. Actually, No. I am actively pro-feminist and indifferent on the LGBT matter. So, No. This is about the stereotype of being classified as a boy, or a man based on your age or economic achievements.

Everyone forgets about the social achievements.

Everyone forgets the young BOY of 13 years old, who amazingly wakes up before the sun, does his chores humbly without as much as a smile, goes to school and sits in style and listens to each word the teacher says in confusion. He cannot compare the heaviness of his teacher’s words to the heaviness of the wares he would hawk as soon as school closes. He can only drift to a sea of hopes that he sells his wares quickly in the afternoon, so that he is chanced to try to solve his school assignments. Some of his mates call it the ‘homework’. But he has less of a home and more of the work. More of the responsibilities that his father who is a MAN should have carried but has bestowed upon a 13 years old BOY.

Everyone forgets the MAN, a father, who has a family at home and works in the nearby town. Who gets money daily from his transportation business but hides it all before the sun goes down. He says he has to do things for himself too. But he forgets he still has children who are still in school. At the end of each day, pays a visit to the cafeteria lady, and he forgets he still owes and obligation to his wife and baby. He loses himself and the woman’s wrappa. Mr MAN, show us how ‘responsible’ you are.

Everyone forgets the BOY, 10 years of age. He is always seen on a week day hanging around the market place. It doesn’t seem weird to you? It doesn’t occur to you that this boy should be in school? Oh. Now it does. He hangs around and looks straight into your eyes. All you see are the vicious eyes of a dangerous young thief. All he sees in your eyes is a big part of the him he wants to grow up to be. Few years from now, that BOY becomes you. If he didn’t become a MAN at that moment, then tell me what did it.

Everyone forgets the 38 years old MAN, who has his legs and arms complete and able. Though, he advertises these his qualities by walking around, and stretching his digits into the faces of other able people to beg.

Everyone please, open your ears so you won’t forget this. BOYS won’t be BOYS; some BOYS are already MEN. Many boys are already responsible, talking lessons off mistakes they make, and ready to learn.

Everyone please, open your ears so you won’t forget this. MEN won’t be MEN; some MEN are still BOYS. They are still gallivanting around, treating their precious lives ungratefully as toys. They don’t live life with a purpose, they just live each day like the one that follows. They have been deceived that they have attained it all. The age, the status and the money. So they are men. Wrong.

A man is an adult male human. An adult being the adjectival here.

Adult means responsible or behaving in an intelligent way.

So, everyone, you be the judge.


All definitions are according to the Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary.


15 thoughts on “BOYS.

        1. Well, I get you point. And its great, but wasn’t saying we shouldnt be human. I was saying, we should be responsible, as Men (women inclusive, but i am trying to categorize now). And live our lives not for ourselves alone, but regarding the people around us. Then hope they follow in our footsteps.


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