The Trail

The Trail has finally come to an end; And it is till this point we follow, and then no more. It is an African Contemporary genre written for the African Youth to relate to. And for those of you who have followed The Trail right from the start, Thank You. Don't Go Missing, Make sure... Continue Reading →

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The Meet Up; A Short Novel

An African Contemporary Romance is what i call it. When two admirers agree to take it from the digital world and fulfill their fantasies with the person whose pictures they see online, when they decide to go offline and see each other face to face. The Meet Up is a short novel that shows that... Continue Reading →

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2017 and Apologies

For where i am right now, I have God and everyone reading this right now to thank. Last year was an amazing year for me(my pre debut). For everyone that always logged on here, this is a reminisce of the last three-hundred-and-sixty-fives and the regrets of my short comings. I really hope we achieve more this year. Its the King.

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